Shatter Batter Flavour Vape Mix

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Shatter Batter is a uniquely formulated product that converts your fine CBD or Herbal concentrates into a fine E-Juice/E-Liquid. It took nearly 6 months to develop our proprietary formula that takes YOUR Concentrate -Concentrate - Dab - Crumble or Shatter and holds it in a flavoured or unflavored E-Juice/E-Liquid.

Shatter Batter is quick and Easy to Use..

Holds your Concentrate - Shatter in Suspension.

Is ready to vape in less than 30 Seconds.


  1. *Place 1 gram of concentrate into a small silicone container
  2. * Add 3 ml of your favorite shatter batter 
  3. *microwave on high setting for 12 - 15 seconds
  4. *Stir vigorously
  5. *Pour liquid into your favorite vape tank
  6. *Enjoy!!!!!
  7. It is easiest to pour liquid mixture into tank while still hot.
  8. Mixture may separate if frozen... Just give it a good shake.

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