17" Haute Glass beaker Bee Honeycomb - Purple

17" Haute Glass beaker Bee Honeycomb - Purple

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17" Haute 9mm Honeycomb Bong is a beautiful beaker piece. Crafted out of thick, 9mm, 100%  Borosilicate glass this piece is VERY sturdy- even having a unique puck around the base for extra support. Featuring a Haute Logo with an amazing honeycomb design and bee accents, they even include a matching bowl and downstem! 

  **Due to the fragile nature of glass and its weight we are unable to ship glass bongs/Dab Rigs. All Large glass items are in store pickup ONLY**


  • 17" Haute Beaker Bong
  • 9mm Borosilicate Glass
  • Heat Bonded Decals
  • Includes matching bowl and downstem

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