3" x 6" 90 Micron Monster Dab Rosin Bag - 12 Units

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Monster Dab Rosin Bags are ideal to use with your rosin press.  They are made with durable nylon and specially stitched to prevent bag blow-outs. Monster Dab Rosin bags will retain its shape after being stretched and pressed. FDA safe, these rosin bags offer the highest quality and an affordable solution for your rosin extraction needs.  Note that Microns (µ) measure the size of the openings between the nylon. So a larger micron size denotes that the openings are larger.

• Price Per Unit: $1.31
• Units Per Box: 12
• Brand: Monster Dab
• Size: 3" x 6"
• Micron Size: 90µ
• Material: Nylon
• FDA Safe
• Rated for 180° C (360° F)

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