Cannabis Canadian Weed Reader

Cannabis Canadian Weed Reader

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From the greens of Nova Scotia to the leafier buds of British Columbia, marijuana is now legal across Canada. Now you can weed all about it in this fun, irreverent guide to everyone’s favorite legal drug!

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau—a politician who definitely has inhaled—made history by signing legislation that will legalize marijuana use in Canada. Now that’s something to toke about!

Canadabis brings all things cannabis-related to weed-lovers everywhere. Featuring tons of entertaining and useful information—from hemp strains specific to the Great White North or the tastiest munchie ideas from Timbits to poutine—there’s a lot to learn about Canada and cannabis in Canadabis.

Featuring 420 things you need to know about living the high life, Canadabis is the dopest guide every Canadian smoker, joker, and toker needs to celebrate!

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