Glass Shotgun / Steamroller Pipe

Glass Shotgun / Steamroller Pipe

  • $10.00
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Steamroller pipes look unusual. Sure, they’re pipe-shaped, but their similarities to more conventional pipes stop there. These devices look more like chillums in their design and offer a much harsher hit than most pipes on the market.

What sets steamroller pipes apart from other models is the position of the carb—an air hole that, when released, allows smokers to clear the bowl. In most pipes, the carb occupies the side of the bowl, with the bowl positioned at the end of the stem. Steamroller pipes go against the grain when it comes to pipe design. The large carb hole resides at the very end of the pipe, and the bowl is further up the stem.

The unconventional layout of this design results in huge hits and an instant high.

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