Green Queen Herbal Infusion Bownie Kit

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Make Your Own Edibles!

Miss Green Queen herbal infusion brownie kits take the guesswork out of edibles so you can get the most out of your herb. 93% faster than traditional infusion methods – your Green Queen brownies are ready to eat in 1 hour. Their patent pending formula features a complex mixture of carboxylic acids which aid in the infusion of cannabinoids – resulting in potent brownies every time.

Hand mixed in small batches of 10 with only the finest ingredients, these kits are specially formulated to bind to herbal ingredients in a fraction of the time. Using imported cocoa from Switzerland, you’re guaranteed to love the delicious taste of your herbal brownies. Each kit includes specially formulated dry mix, a potency booster which acts to replace butter in traditional infusions, and a cloth for straining your herbal material. Just add your favourite herb, water, and eggs and you’re ready to embark on your infusion adventure.

Herbal Infusion Kit Features:

  • 93% Faster than Traditional Infusion Methods
  • Ready to Eat in 1 Hour
  • Patent Pending Formula
  • Potency Booster = Potent Brownies Every Time
  • Imported Cocoa from Switzerland

What's in the Box:

  • 1x - Herbal Infusion Brownie Mix
  • 1x - Potency Booster
  • 1x - Strainer Cloth

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