King Palm Mini - Watermelon Wave 2-Pack

King Palm Mini - Watermelon Wave 2-Pack

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King Palm Watermelon Wave is available now in the Mini Size and is one of the great additions to the King Palm Flavor line. Just squeeze and pop the flavor ball in the corn husk tip to activate the flavor anytime. This King Palm Watermelon  containing 2 Mini Size pre-rolls, one packing stick, and a 1g Boveda humidity pack in each pouch. Each individual Mini Size roll can hold up to 1 gram of flower. You can taste the great flavor without burning or smoking the flavor because the flavor ball will be popped inside the Corn Husk Filter Tip, which should never be smoked.

• King Palm Watermelon Wave
• 2 Mini Rolls per Pouch
• Each Mini Roll holds 1g each
• Packing Stick
• 100% Real Palm Leaf
• Organic, Non-GMO Corn Husk Filter
• Tobacco & Chemical Free
• Slow Burning
• Boveda Humidity Pack in each Pouch

Mr. Greens approved, as per KING PALM SHAWN!

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