Piece Water 12oz

Piece Water 12oz

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https://youtu.be/GSsRwK9msKEThe most advanced bong cleaning product known to man! Why? Because it eliminates cleaning!

Imagine never having to scrub or clean your bong again!!!

What if a quick rinse| after every 40 or more bong hits| was all it took to keep your bong looking brand new?

Use in place of regular bong water| and let the results speak for themselves.

With a thicker viscosity than water| Piece Water Solution coats your bong so that nothing sticks. Because it’s thicker| it also pulls smoother. And after 40 or so bong rips| you need only tip it out| give it a rinse| and your bong will look like new again!

The 355mL bottle is enough to refill your bong up to 6 times (depending on bong size) and is all natural| completely safe & non-toxic

 Suitable for all bong types.

  • Use as an alternative to water in your bong
  • Effectively filters out smoke particles for a cleaner smoother hit
  • Higher viscosity liquid| coats your bong and creates a smooth pull
  • 100% All natural and safe – food grade mineral| vegetable & fruit extracts
  • Eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Cleans the bong while you use it
  • Last for 40+ bong hits before it needs changing
  • No scrubbing required – just tip it out & rinse with water
  • Works on ALL TYPES of bongs. (Glass| Plastic| Silicone| Ceramic| Metal| etc)

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