Piece Water 12oz

Piece Water 12oz

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Imagine never having to scrub or clean your bong again!!!

What if a quick rinse after every 40 or more bong hits was all it took to keep your bong looking brand new?

Use in place of regular bong water and let the results speak for themselves.

With a thicker viscosity than water, Piece Water Solution coats your bong so that nothing sticks. Because it’s thicker, it also pulls smoother. And after 40 or so bong rips, you need only tip it out give it a rinse and your bong will look like new again!

The 355ml bottle is enough to refill your bong several times (depending on bong size) and is all natural, completely safe & non-toxic

 Suitable for all bong types.

  • Use as an alternative to water in your bong
  • Effectively filters out smoke particles for a cleaner smoother hit
  • Higher viscosity liquid coats your bong and creates a smooth pull
  • 100% all natural and safe – food grade mineral, vegetable & fruit extracts
  • Eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Cleans the bong while you use it
  • Last for 40+ bong hits before it needs changing
  • No scrubbing required – just tip it out & rinse with water
  • Works on ALL TYPES of bongs. (Glass, Plastic, Silicone, Ceramic, Metal, etc)

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