Rowll King Slim Rolling Papers w/ Filters, Grinder & Rolling Surface

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Grind, Roll, Store - All in one papers by Rowll

Rowll is an all-in-1 patent product, providing you with a safe way to store your herbs when you’re on the go, grind your herbs to perfection and finally, roll it. The Rowll’s storage case is a uniquely designed, slim and dynamic case that can turn into a funnel that will allow you an easy, spill-free rolling experience. Oh! And it fits in your pocket!

The Rowll slim yet firm filter tips are made from eco-friendly materials. All filter tips have 3 dashed lines for effortless rolling and a precise “W” shaped filter at any time!

Paper Features:

  • King size, extra-thin rolling papers
  • Magnetic case with grinding surface
  • Slim and dynamic case
  • Made of genuine Acacia gum
  • Non-toxic nature-friendly adhesive
  • Filter tips made from eco-friendly materials

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